TIP SHEET: 10 network security problems micro-segmentation solves

Business is becoming increasingly digital and this brings new challenges. Cyberattacks on your business could be expensive and detrimental. Keeping up and managing the risk can feel overwhelming as cyberattackers are getting savvier and more sophisticated.

Micro-segmentation has emerged as an essential approach to securing networks because it:

  • protects each workload individually
  • prevents lateral movement within a network
  • avoids the expense and complexity of putting firewalls up at every interconnection point
  • only allows explicitly approved traffic to flow through the network, essentially stopping cybercriminals in their tracks.

Creating smaller networks within the network shrinks the potential attack surface, lets organisations contain attacks more effectively, and strengthens network security. This helps solve 10 of the most common network security problems. To learn more, download the tip sheet today.

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