Discover and automate for a more secure network

You already know that your data is one of the most important assets your company owns. Protecting that data effectively just got a whole lot harder with distributed workforces and a less-defined perimeter. You need to put your assets in a security bubble that follows them wherever they are located.

Machine learning and automated security hold the key

You’ve already invested in systems to secure your data but it’s likely these systems have become complex and unwieldy. It’s time to take a closer look. You can simplify your security and reduce costs significantly with automated network security and network discovery tools that give you a clearer picture of your environment so you can see the gaps and respond faster to attacks.

Micro-segmentation keeps devices protected and isolated so one infected device can’t bring down your entire network. Before you can apply micro-segmentation, you need to understand your current environment and map application dependencies. Most organisations lack the visibility required to do this. ditno can help.

Discover and visualise application dependencies

When applications are integrated and depend on each other, but organisations are unaware of the connectivity that is required, potential threats can infiltrate all your applications without being detected. If you don’t know where those relationships begin and end, then your network is at risk.

ditno helps by letting you:

  • click through your network to explore network and application dependencies
  • analyse raw and aggregated logs to troubleshoot and explore network activity
  • identify trends and variances regarding the network and resources
  • discover and protect your most critical devices first, then repeat the process throughout your environment
  • apply machine learning network security to improve discovery and protection.

Apply machine learning to strengthen your environment

The level of sophistication and automation that underpins today’s cyberattacks means you can no longer rely on manual, reactive security processes. You must proactively fight attacks with automated security to stop the threats before they damage your business. Automated network security tools take on the process of identifying the current state to build a secure baseline, so you can free up your security team to focus on more strategic and valuable activities while protecting your assets more effectively. Using machine learning lets you combine the power of data science and automation to build workload-based security controls that significantly reduce costs while improving operational efficiencies.

Quickly learn network flows.

Build a secure baseline using data science and machine learning.

Reduce operational overhead by using ditno’s machine learning capabilities to analyse and suggest rules across your environments.

Implement a proactive security approach rather than a reactive security approach.

Achieve automated network security with tools that reduce cost and offer superior protection.


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