Network governance for improved compliance and data control

Security starts with knowing what can connect to your network and the risks this presents to your business. Alongside your network security software, it’s essential to build strategic network governance to identify risk areas on premises and in the cloud. Then, it’s essential to ensure that all zero trust network solutions and security controls align with the governance model and to eliminate all controls that don’t meet network compliance requirements. A zero trust environment requires a compliance and risk-centric approach that lets cybersecurity teams detect control breakdowns in real time and respond quickly to threats. With the right IT security platform, businesses can gain stronger visibility, governance, and control over their systems and achieve a zero trust environment.

Controls are only useful if they align to the governance model

Zero trust network solutions are the preferred approach for senior business leaders who have realised that modern security strategies are required to protect their organisations. Network compliance and IT security compliance are essential for a strong security posture. 

ditno provides a single unified management portal to create customised governance models that map to your business requirements and risk appetite. This IT security platform also creates micro-segmentation across the business. It detects non-compliant controls across on premise, cloud and hybrid hosting environments. It also delivers an easy-to-understand view of all network governance risks.

Network compliance based on strategic governance models

Before installing any endpoint software, you need to be sure that it complies with your governance model.

ditno's zero trust network solutions and network security software lets you quickly scan your network to understand your IT landscape and build a secure baseline and identify unprotected endpoints. Network governance lets you set the rules for network compliance; machine learning then automates the security controls which are assessed against the compliance models and identifies non-compliance. 

IT security compliance is an essential element for any secure network. Security controls will be more effective if they’re managed and measured according to a unified network governance model that provides information and takes corrective action in real time.

Gain real-time visibility and identification of risk events.

Configure compliance rules using compliance categories and tags.

Build base rules using machine learning algorithms that make zero trust easy.

Easily analyse and identify non-compliant network security configuration.

Drill into categories to find non-compliant tag pairs, then see the rules permitting non-compliant flows.

Automatically monitor every change to manage risk effectively.

Evaluate each network security rule in real-time to ensure it adheres to your compliance requirements.

Achieve continuous security and governance across hosting environments including cloud and on-premise.


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