If you don’t have real-time assurance that your critical assets and applications are not exposed; They probably are or will be soon.

One standout feature of ditno is its unparalleled visibility into critical assets and application relationships and the ability to identify when they are exposed. Each guardrail highlights exposure, but also offers crucial insights into the severity of the exposure. This capability enables organisations to prioritise remediation efforts effectively, ensuring a proactive stance against potential threats.

This proactive approach, awareness and targeted protection is essential, as understanding and safeguarding critical assets can significantly reduce the risk of security breaches and ensure compliance, a necessity in today's complex digital landscape.

Not having clear guardrails to manage your network is close to impossible to identify when critical assets and applications are exposed. This can compromise the security posture, hindering the ability to convincingly demonstrate to executives, regulators and the board that the environment is secure.

simple and powerful

Flexibility, visibility, and full control

ditno gives you more visibility over your network, letting you achieve a more comprehensive understanding of your organisation's network security posture, and giving you the flexibility to protect your critical information no matter the circumstances. With ditno you can:

minimise risks without compromising costs

ditno’s scalable solution lets you mirror business demand and avoid upfront costs by only paying for what you use.

central management portal

Our centralised management portal, provides a single, efficient view of control, exposure and compliance.

reduced investment in resources

with no hardware required, ditno’s reliable network security software can be set up in weeks, not months.

access hybrid security

access to consistent, comprehensive security and governance across a range of hosting environments i.e On-premises and public cloud.

ditno delivers increased visibility, control, and governance with an automated solution

  • ditno identifies application relationships and interdependencies, so you can easily see when a change in one area will affect others, helping you rapidly identify potential threats and misconfigurations. 
  • ditno eases troubleshooting and provides the capability to contain threats quickly and easily.
  • ditno’s automated rule building reduces operational costs and strengthens your security environment by building a secure foundation, quickly.
  • ditno’s platform empowers you to meet regulatory requirements—ensuring business continuity and stability—with increased visibility that lets you identify network exposure in real-time and drive improvements based on key priorities.
  • ditno’s cybersecurity software ensures that security controls align to best practice and business risk posture across hybrid environments, this avoids the need of manual time consuming audits, instead you will have a continuous audit engine evaluating every change and pinpointing risk exposure.

How ditno helps

In-depth discovery

Discover IT service relationships and their risk exposure using our endpoint data analytics.

Real-time governance

Classify and actively govern network access to ensure alignment with organisational risk appetite.

Flexible security modelling

Define flexible fine-grained IT security models and patterns, e.g. zero trust and micro-segmentation.

Automated security

Automate IT security controls which adapt to business demand and create an elastic trust network.

Cloud ready

Organically traverse on-premises and cloud environments while maintaining consistent network security trust levels.


Contain threats and minimise the impact of an IT security incident across an organisation.

Root-cause analysis

Simplify network traffic analysis to ease troubleshooting and identification of suspicious network activity.

Seamless security

Harmonise IT security controls and governance from a centralised cybersecurity management platform.

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Our products

At ditno, we believe that innovative network security reporting and management software is a critical part of the digital future. Our products offer more than just unified network security solutions; they offer peace of mind.

Activate ditno across your Azure cloud environment, delivering the same IT security governance and controls across your cloud network and your on-premises network.  

We install agents in your on-premises network to protect servers and desktops, mapping your network, and automatically discovering threats. Then, you can micro-segment the network to prevent these threats from moving laterally and causing damage.

Activate ditno across your AWS cloud environment, delivering the same IT security governance and controls across your cloud network and your on-premises network.

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