mirrors business demand

Elastic to suit your needs

Organisations come in different sizes but security risk doesn't. ditno manages and mitigates risk for every network while meeting every need.

Identify application dependencies and exposure

ditno's visualisation tools help you easily navigate throughout a network to understand application relationships and potential threats and misconfiguration.

Troubleshoot network issues

Analyse raw and aggregated logs to troubleshoot and explore network activity. Use the analytics tools to identify trends and variances across the network and resources.

Contain threats within seconds

Dramatically reduce the risk of exposure if a security incident occurs. If a potential threat has been identified, operations can contain threats within seconds without large operational overhead.

Automate rule creation and identification of non-compliant configuration

Reduce operational overhead by utilising ditno's machine learning capabilities to analyse and suggest rules across your environments.

“ditno gave us the visibility we needed to clearly understand our application dependencies. More importantly, it then enabled us to easily build the necessary controls to secure our environment. Every change is now performed with knowledge and a deep understanding of the requirements.”

Monitor network compliance and exposure

Centralised view to identify network exposure to help drive cybersecurity improvements. Easily monitor cybersecurity progress and prioritise risk mitigation activities.

Ensure regulatory requirements are being met

Ensure the network security controls satisfy the necessary legal, regulatory or internal requirements so that the organisation continues to be a viable business.

Clear reporting of environment risk posture

Information is the foundation of any organisation. Understanding application dependencies and weaknesses is critical to ensure business continuity and stability.

Ability to protect critical assets in the event of a security incident

Capability to manage and contain incidents within seconds to minimise brand and financial damage. Once the threat has been contained, the organisation can return to normal operations.

“ditno's platform provides the report capability to ensure and monitor the network and IT services are secured according to the business risk appetite. It provides comfort that in the event of a security incident, the business can react and contain the threat and dramatically reduce the impact.”

Ensure security controls align to best practices

Centralised view to evaluate controls and ensure they align to internal standards. Establish risk-prioritised controls to assist with compliance and regulatory requirements.

Audit trail of change and risk exposure

Ability to reinforce policies and procedures to help frontline employees understand what they need to do to protect critical information assets.

All future controls to align to business risk posture

Create strategic guidelines, specifically for high-risk applications, so the business has the ability to rapidly innovate and progress without jeopardising stability and risk.

Reports to assist with audit requirements

Engage with cybersecurity operations to help prioritise security controls and transformation activities and make specific trade-offs between risk reduction and operational impact.

“Combining real-time network governance and control into a single platform is truly unique and extremely beneficial. It saves the organisation a huge amount of time and effort by providing instant access to the an environment's risk exposure and ensures we maintain a good level of security going forward.”
simple and powerful

On your terms

ditno provides you the flexibility to discover and protect your most critical devices first, then repeat the process throughout your environment until you have a full sense of security.

Reduce risks without compromising costs

By only paying for what you use, you can avoid upfront costs and mirror business demand.

No hardware required

Within minutes have the environment up and running, and start understanding your environment.

Central management platform

Have one single view of control and compliance, contain and manage threats globally from one centralised management portal.

Hybrid security

Continuous security and governance across hosting environments (AWS, Azure, GCP, and On-Premise).

zero to zero trust

Getting started with ditno couldn't be easier

Transform your network from a vulnerable flat network to a real-time governed zero trust environment faster and easier than you thought possible.


Build your strategic network governance

A solid network strategy is required to identify risk areas, both on premises and in the cloud.


Discover application dependencies

To safeguard sensitive data, you must know and understand your IT services.


Automatically build a zero trust network

Use ditno's power of machine learning to build your secure foundation.


Complete control and visibility of IT service exposure

Combining governance and control allows you to make informed decisions to properly protect your environment.


Whitepapers, use cases and more...

Explore our resources to find out more about the benefits and features our solution offers.

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Organisations should not automatically trust anything inside or outside its perimeter.

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