Protect your organisation in the cloud and on-premises

Data is your most important asset. In a hybrid environment, you need real-time visibility and control over your data to maintain its value and integrity.

If you use Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Microsoft Azure, you need to make sure you’re protected. It’s essential to have consistent network governance across on-premises, public cloud, and hybrid network environments.

If you’re just starting to explore your move to the cloud, ditno has you covered. We’ve extended our cybersecurity management platform to cover AWS and Azure. This lets you see your risk exposure at a glance when using native cloud security controls.

Addressing the changing security landscape

Whether you’re operating in a cloud-only environment or you have on-premises infrastructure, the need to protect your network and your information assets is the same. A successful cyberattack could be catastrophic. That’s why you need the real-time visibility and controls that will deliver strong network governance.

As businesses move from on-premises infrastructure to cloud-native services, gaps are opening up, weakening their security posture. It’s essential to address this and prevent vulnerabilities from occurring. For example, misconfiguration in the cloud environment can happen by mistake without organisations even being aware, and can create significant risk.

If you’re spinning up new cloud services quickly, you must put security at the top of your priority list, to avoid increasing risk exposure.

The ditno difference

Our security governance layer goes above control and segmentation. The new ditno solution assesses every single control that goes into the cloud environment against best-practice governance models in real time. This illuminates risk and ensures the same network governance is applied seamlessly across any environment.

Using this solution lets organisations dramatically lower their cybersecurity operational costs.

  • Rely on a hybrid network security platform.
  • Apply the same network governance seamlessly across any environment.
  • Identify network exposure using a centralised management portal.
  • Leverage machine learning to automatically build a secure baseline. Migrate to the cloud with confidence while minimising security risks.
  • Avoid regular, costly network audits and transition to ‘always on’.
  • Save costs while managing cybersecurity more effectively at a lower cost.
  • Apply zero trust security across cloud environments and on-premises.

Ready to migrate to the cloud with confidence?

ditno can help you understand your risk exposure and put theright governance in place to mitigate that risk.

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