Micro-segmentation network security software

Achieve greater control and visibility over your network with advanced micro-segmentation security technology

A micro-segmentation network security strategy is essential for securing your organisation’s data and applications.  ditno’s micro-segmentation security software keeps your critical network assets logically separated. That means you can identify and contain network breaches to a defined network segment, application or even device – all in real time.

ditno’s micro-segmentation technology stops attacks and network vulnerabilities getting past their immediate point of impact and spreading across your entire organisation.  It also identifies and catalogues applications, network and end user devices which share data and network connections, allowing you to decide where best to isolate network segments through micro-segmentation and improve your overall network security.

ditno's micro-segmentation security software also gives your organisation complete control and visibility to potential threats by monitoring all traffic, including traffic that may bypass traditional firewalls.

Enable Zero Trust security with a micro-segmentation strategy

ditno’s micro-segmentation software makes it easy to enable Zero Trust security across your organisation’s network. Data segmentation to a micro level prevents unauthorized lateral movement between servers and applies Zero Trust security controls around individual IT service workloads.

ditno’s micro-segmentation security software lets you:

· Map application dependencies in your organisation’s current network environment
· Align network security controls to your corporate risk and compliance framework

ditno’s micro-segmentation security feature combines the power of software and data science to discover, visualise and build controls to create a Zero Trust network. Traditional strategies like physical firewalls and VLANs can be costly and time consuming to implement, set up and manage.

ditno’s micro-segmentation security software significantly reduces costs which increases operational efficiencies and ensures your data is secure.

For more information on how ditno’s micro-segmentation security software can help keep your organisation’s data secure and assist in achieving a Zero Trust network, read the whitepaper below.

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