ditno Endpoint Firewall provides firewall assurance for your
on-premises endpoints

Secure your on-premises network, gain ultimate control and consistency through network governance, and avoid network exposure with ditno Endpoint Firewall.

ditno Endpoint Firewall provides a single pane of glass to manage firewall assurance across your on-premises environment. With a single portal, you can ensure your network security controls always match your security governance policies.

Instead of managing your security rules manually, with expensive and complex policy audits, you can minimise your attack surface, apply consistent and appropriate network controls, and be assured that your controls are always within your governance policy.

Unique unified governance approach strengthens your security

ditno Endpoint Firewall delivers five key benefits:

  • Unified network governance. A single view of network governance across your entire environment.
  • Micro-segmentation. Controls that micro-segment your IT services across individual elements and products.
  • Automated baseline. A baseline view of your current network environment so you can see the gaps and close them.
  • Discover. Understand the controls required to determine the connectivity between applications.
  • Unified policy management. Central management and assessment of network policies through a single pane of glass, applicable across your entire environment.

The ditno difference

Without ditno, your IT security team would need to log into individual environments and manually configure controls. With ditno, these controls are automatically configured and compared against your network governance policy, so you can be sure your controls are always within policy. Governance is your most powerful weapon against out-of-policy controls. ditno unifies your network governance across platforms and environments. This reduces the risk of making changes because any changes that fall out of the governance model will be flagged, showing you non-compliant controls at a glance.


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