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Security Made Simple

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Unified Endpoint Firewall Security

Harmonise security policies and governance across any hybrid environment

In-depth discovery

Discover IT service relationships and their risk exposure using our endpoint data analytics

Streamline defence in depth

Unify network and web application controls to simply and standardise defence in depth

Automated security

Automate security controls which adapt to business demand and create an elastic 'trust network'

Flexible security modelling

Define flexible fine-grained security models and patterns, e.g. Zero Trust, Microsegmentation

Borderless security

Apply platform agnostic security controls to create secure, resilient and maintainable environments

Seamless Security

Harmonise security controls and governance from a centralised management platform

Active Governance

Classify and actively govern network access to ensure alignment with organisational risk appetite

Turn-key WAF

Immediate deployment and minimal configuration  utilising OWASP Top 10

Real-time threat detection

Reactive anomaly detection using alerting and SIEM integration to reduce risk exposure

Root cause analysis

Simplify network traffic analysis to ease troubleshooting and identification of suspicious network activity

Cloud Ready

Organically traverse on-premises and cloud environments while maintaining consistent security trust levels

Rogue Endpoint protection

Automatically protect and isolate untrusted devices throughout an organisation

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Streamline Life Cycle Management

Streamline IT service delivery and dramatically reduce risk by standardising implementation and operational activities


Understand organisational risk thresholds and identify cyber security threats


Define and implement security policies to govern and protect IT services


Detect deviations from acceptable risk level and security anomalies


Contain threats and minimise the impact of a cyber security incident across an organisation


Dynamic and adaptable policy management for service resiliency and recovery

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