IT network security has never been more important. Protect your business with a cybersecurity management platform that delivers a zero trust approach for improved IT security. ditno uses machine learning to help you build a fully governed and micro-segmented network. Dramatically mitigate risk and prevent lateral movement across your organisation, all from one centralised platform.

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know your network and manage your risk

IT security made simple

Use your data to create a governed zero trust network.

Real-time network governance

Complete visibility of non-compliant network configuration. Easily identify if an IT Service has been exposed.

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Protect against lateral movement. Prevent attackers from traversing the network with micro-segmentation.

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Automation & machine learning

Quickly learn network flows and build a secure IT network security baseline using data science and machine learning.

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Discover & visualise application dependencies

Click through your network to explore application dependencies.

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Track Compliance

Easily understand your network

Use your data to create a governed zero trust network.

Discover application dependencies

Implement micro-segmentation controls

Identify and fix non-compliant connections

Real-time visibility over network compliance

Want to monitor all your environments?

Quickly learn network flows and build a secure IT network security baseline using data science and machine learning.

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data driven path to governed zero trust

You govern your network, let data do the hard work

IT network security is all about zero trust. Micro-segmentation helps achieve a zero trust network. However, without a cybersecurity management platform that delivers network governance, you might not know if the micro controls are correct and align to your risk posture.

Combining real-time network governance and micro-segmentation is a huge step towards a secure environment. Using data and automation, IT security doesn't need to be that hard!


Create your target network governance


Create your micro groups


ditno's machine learning builds your zero trust network


Understand and manage network compliance and risk

suits every need

What's important to you is important to us

No matter the size of your network or your focus, ditno provides the ideal cybersecurity management platform from network discovery to governance, control, and incident response.

Network security engineers

Visualise and operate security controls across hybrid environments from a centralised management portal.

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Security executives

Actively engage in strategic decision-making by understanding and reporting on the enterprise’s cyber resiliency.

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Security risk & compliance

Ensure a cybersecurity framework to align with business goals and objects that can prevent, detect, and respond to cyber incidents.

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unified endpoint fireweall security

Harmonise security policies and governance across any hybrid environment

ditno is packed with features empowering you to maintain stability and innovate with a full sense of security.

In-depth discovery

Discover IT service relationships and their risk exposure using our endpoint data analytics.

Real-time governance

Classify and actively govern network access to ensure alignment with organisational risk appetite.

Flexible security modelling

Define flexible fine-grained IT security models and patterns, e.g. zero trust and micro-segmentation.

Automated security

Automate IT security controls which adapt to business demand and create an elastic trust network.

Cloud ready

Organically traverse on-premise and cloud environments while maintaining consistent security trust levels.


Contain threats and minimise the impact of an IT security incident across an organisation.

Root-cause analysis

Simplify network traffic analysis to ease troubleshooting and identification of suspicious network activity.

Seamless security

Harmonise IT security controls and governance from a centralised cybersecurity management platform.

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