Data is your organisation’s most valuable asset, so you need to protect it. Network security is all about zero trust. You shouldn’t trust anything inside or outside your perimeter. But network security is becoming more challenging because network perimeters are blurring, endpoints continue to proliferate, and cyberattacks are being launched using automation and machine learning. Against this backdrop, organisations are moving to the cloud and need to protect their data in a hybrid cloud/on-premises environment without adding unnecessary cost or complexity.

Combining real-time network governance and micro-segmentation is a huge step towards a secure environment. With the right software solution, you can strengthen your security posture using data and automation. ditno helps by delivering a cybersecurity management platform that provides a zero trust network approach for improved and simplified security.

Security Made Simple

A fully governed and micro-segmented network that stops malicious actors in their tracks.

Customised governance model that maps to your risk profile.

Security that protects your data on-premises and in the cloud with equal confidence.

Automated discovery of non-compliant controls to ensure your security posture remains robust and compliant.

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At ditno, our Network Security Policy Management (NSPM) software delivers:

  • a suite of unified network security tools for enforcing policies across hybrid environments.
  • prevention of non-compliant controls being deployed without the necessary approvals and privileges.
  • centralised visibility across hybrid networks, providing risk analysis, real-time compliance, and application dependencies.

ditno provides a cyber security management platform that secures and simplifies your IT security across three key pillars:


Unified Network Governance

Trying to maintain an up-to-date compliant network manually is risky, time consuming, and expensive. ditno unifies and automates this process, giving you real-time visibility into how effective your network security controls are and whether they comply with your governance model.

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Discover & automate

ditno collects endpoint telemetry and applies machine learning to understand IT service relationships and dependencies, then suggests the necessary controls to create a secure baseline.

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ditno applies micro-segmentation to your network, separating workloads within your environment so that, even if a hacker gains access, they won’t be able to move laterally within your network. This stops most attackers in their tracks.

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Our products

Unified network governance

All ditno products are bundled with our unique unified network governance solution that lets you reduce network exposure, operational overhead and risk. ditno unified network governance assesses your network firewall configuration in real time from a centralised management portal.

Unified Network Governance

Microsoft Azure integration

Activate ditno across your Microsoft Azure cloud environment, delivering the same IT security governance and controls across your cloud network and your on-premises network.

ditno endpoint

We install agents in your on-premises network to protect servers and desktops, mapping your network, and automatically discovering threats. Then, you can micro-segment the network to prevent these threats from moving laterally and causing damage.

AWS API Integration

Activate ditno across your AWS cloud environment, delivering the same IT security governance and controls across your cloud network and your on-premises network.

Track Compliance

Easily understand your network

Use your data to create a governed zero trust network.

Discover application dependencies

Implement micro-segmentation controls


Identify and fix non-compliant connections

Real-time visibility over network compliance

Want to monitor all your environments?

Quickly learn network flows and build a secure IT network security baseline using data science and machine learning.

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