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Regardless of what stage you’re at in your digital transformation, ditno can help you secure your network and drive better business outcomes. To find out more, read the latest blog in our “How to drive your digital transformation success safely” series below.

Digital transformation will help your organisation operate more efficiently and effectively, and potentially help sharpen your competitive edge. However, as you transition to more digital solutions, you may also be opening up security vulnerabilities across your business. To drive digital transformation success safely, it’s imperative to build a strong cybersecurity foundation. This means you need to ensure your business’s IT services are prepared to improve security across the board.

A secure foundation is crucial in being able to make better strategic decisions in a secure manner. One of the best ways to achieve this is to micro-segment the network. This essentially creates walled-off sections throughout the network to prevent potential cyberattackers from being able to move freely throughout your network if they manage to breach the perimeter.  

Zero trust is integral to network security and combining real-time network governance with micro-segmentation can help achieve a true zero trust environment.

Many IT departments struggle with resourcing, spreading the team across business-as-usual, transformation, and security projects. This can create an environment where digital transformation projects seem overwhelming and could even be delayed due to perceived barriers to success.

However, this doesn’t need to be the case and digital transformation doesn’t need to happen in one big step. In fact, this approach could potentially lead to more gaps and vulnerabilities being exposed in your system and network. Setting out a clear strategy and making incremental changes will allow you to slowly improve your processes over time, leading to a more successful digital transformation.

Transforming one IT service at a time

As the old saying goes, the only way to eat the elephant is one bite at a time. This applies to digital transformation, too. By transforming one IT service at a time and ensuring it is fully compliant with all security requirements, you can start seeing significant benefits very quickly.  

It’s important to start with the most critical IT service first, then work your way down the priority list. For example, a law firm may need to be able to lock down the way it files documents relating to client matters. The firm may want to transform this and start using native cloud services instead of having virtual machines on-premises. Being able to transfer that process to the cloud, along with the stringent security requirements regarding who can access the information, is a key goal. It’s important to lock down the security controls to ensure no gaps open up when moving that service to the cloud.  

The value of network security policy management

Network security policy management (NSPM) delivers full control and visibility of security policies across hybrid networks, along with risk analysis, real-time compliance, and application mapping. NSPM plays an essential role in making sure that, even as your organisation transforms and evolves, your security controls and measures comply with your governance model. NSPM can also simplify your security environment by removing unnecessary or obsolete policies.  

This helps prevent situations where network changes open up security vulnerabilities in your network, which can be a key risk during digital transformation projects.  

Unfortunately, many IT teams are already spread thin, so finding the resources to manage the security requirements associated with transformation can be tricky. Working with an experienced third-party partner can overcome this barrier. For example, ditno can help automate the vast majority of the work required to get to a secure foundation and can also shape network security controls to the IT services.  

ditno’s NSPM software provides a suite of unified network security tools that enforce policies across hybrid environments, which prevents non-compliant controls from being deployed unless specifically authorised, and provides centralised visibility across your networks to deliver ultimate control. By automating compliance validation through constant auditing, ditno helps ensure your network is secure, leaving you free to focus on your digital transformation journey, one step at a time.  

At ditno, we’re committed to helping our customers improve their IT security and protect their business at every stage of their transformation. For more information on how ditno can help your business, contact the team today.  

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