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Data is arguably one of the most valuable assets an organisation can possess in this era when digital experiences are a key differentiator for organisations. Managing data effectively is, therefore, a massively important element when it comes to both mitigating risk and developing a competitive edge. However, as networks become more complex and distributed, with less-defined perimeters, protecting that data has become harder than ever.

The age of zero trust is here to stay

The age of trust is over. The age of zero trust is here to stay. Zero trust network solutions are crucial to protect your data from the ever-increasing risk of cyberattacks. Just one breach can have devastating consequences and your network security software is often the last line of defence between malicious actors and your data. It needs to give you visibility into every connected endpoint and all traffic on your network.

However, zero trust is only as strong as its governance model. The strength of your security depends on having controls that meet network compliance requirements. This is where real-time network governance becomes absolutely essential.

Real-time visibility and security across all environments

For your governance to be effective, you need real-time visibility with network security software that provides a clear picture of your IT landscape, including unprotected endpoints. You can base your rules for IT security compliance on baseline information, then use machine learning to automate the security controls that dictate what is trusted under your zero trust approach.

Your IT security posture is only ever as strong as the weakest link in your network. If, like most organisations, you have a hybrid on-premises and cloud-based network, you need to ensure your governance model covers both. It’s important to choose an IT security platform that offers continuous security and governance across all of your environments.

Automating the governance and compliance assessment    

Machine learning is a subset of artificial intelligence. By training systems to tell the difference between management and data traffic, you can rely on machine learning to build optimised rules for your network. By automating this process, you can move faster, easily identifying and rectifying potential issues and managing risk far more effectively. This leads to better network compliance, unlocking the full benefits of your zero trust network solution.

And, while these processes are completed automatically, your IT team is free to focus on proactive work that further hardens your security posture and protects your valuable data.

The value of micro-segmentation

Micro-segmentation complements your zero trust network solution by keeping critical network assets logically separated. That way, even if a threat makes it past your initial defences, it will be contained to a tiny area and prevented from moving laterally throughout the organisation. This means zero trust is extended past the perimeter to apply to individual workloads and assets.

Data is your most valuable asset. Protecting it requires a strong and proactive approach to network governance which must be aligned to network compliance requirements. To learn more about network governance, click here.