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We all know what we should be doing to stay healthy and the same applies to ensuring you are taking care of your network security.  Being proactive in protecting your organisation from attackers and viruses is no different: healthy body = healthy mind!

We all understand the health risk of hackers and cyber thieves - don’t we?

Almost all businesses are aware of the necessity to protect themselves from cyber attacks and the implications that breaches can have on customers, reputation and the ongoing viability of a business.  It feels like every day we are reading a new article highlighting the latest security breach and the negative consequences that companies of all sizes are experiencing as a result.

All businesses should have these risks firmly on their radar, but does the business really understand how healthy their network security actually is?  We all understand that falling foul of a breach is incredibly debilitating for anyone and that the treatment required after an event can be costly and incredibly painful.

But does your business really understand what is involved, in order to get behind prioritising the effort and budgets required to deliver the appropriate preventative measures and avoid a full blown emergency?

Getting the business to buy in and understand is critical

Explaining network security, data governance and risk/regulatory responsibilities is a tough job though!

Business leaders understand the importance and consequences of protecting critical assets, but evaluating how effective IT security provisions actually are becomes incredibly technical, incredibly quickly and lets face it, most people glaze over at this point.

To help with this challenge, we use a house metaphor to explain the problems businesses face and how ditno alleviates these - simply and effectively.

Imagine your network as the ground floor of a house

  • The perimeter is like the external facing attack surface of your network.
  • Each external window and door is an entry point into your network.
  • Each room is an application that your business is using every day.

Most businesses don't collate a single view of their application

  • This means they cannot definitively articulate how many rooms that they actually have.
  • They know they have rooms but aren't able to show where they are, or how they are accessed.
  • Or how they are linked or access from each other.
Floor plan with entry points highlighted

Security efforts primarily focus on stopping entry to the house

  • Securing the doors and windows is where almost all security is focused.
  • However, once the burglar is in, they can freely roam from room to room.
  • If you cannot map your rooms onto a floorplan then you cannot be managing access effectively.

Restricting entry to each room is the ultimate security system

  • The ditno Health Check delivers you a comprehensive list of rooms (applications).
  • It builds a floor plan of all entry points and for each room (application)
  • Builds room level security, requiring attackers to have to break into each room.
  • Real-time reporting, which delivers the most comprehensive ongoing governance model possible.

the ditno Health Check

ditno has spent years refining an approach to give businesses the power to manage all of these inherent challenges as simply and effectively as possible and we have solved it – with many satisfied clients leveraging our capability and being put in control of their security exposure. We always start our engagement by delivering a network Health Check, which delivers the following:

✓ Identifies the number of applications you have
✓ Labels each of them with the levels of risk they pose your business if compromised
✓ Provides a real time overview of how all these applications are interconnected and the flow of data access across your organisation
✓ Pinpoints where critical assets and data are exposed

Take care of the body of your organisation and contact us to arrange a discussion about how a ditno health Check could save your life (well - career potentially!)